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How we are different



AcquireNinja™ is a beautiful, user-friendly, form building platform that you can manage yourself.



We’ve made it super quick and easy to build a form.



We are serious about saving you headaches and making your data work for you!

Types of Forms



Create a competition entry form in a snap by dragging and dropping all the fields you want added. In no time you can start marketing your competition and get those entries streaming in.


Feedback Forms

Need to get clients to tell you about their experiences with your product or business? Feedback forms is a perfect way help you to know details about where you may need some improvement.



Surveys are the lifeblood of many businesses. Few other forms of feedback allow you to gather such a large volume of data so quickly on any set of questions. Why not build your own survey without the help of an agency.


Event Registration

Organising an event and need people to sign up? Look no further than doing your registrations and RSVPs via a form customised with exactly the fields you need. 


Lead Generation

Forms are an excellent way to generate leads for your marketing purposes. Build a form that is quick and easy to complete so you never lose out on a single lead.  


Order Forms

Need an easy way to digitally capture orders for your amazing product at an event? Look no further than Acquire Ninja!

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Brand-Centric Design

Build and design your own form with your company’s branding colours and logos.



Building your form is quick, easy and FUN. With the drag and drop interface, you will know exactly what your form will look like and how it will work. You choose every element. 



Build your form on any MAC or PC via our ClientZone. Your form entires can then be completed and submitted via our iOS and Android apps.

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Go Paperless

Forget traditional forms that require wasting paper and time! They all require you to spend extra time capturing the information after the forms are completed.

Maximize Data Capture

Get as much as possible data from one form – its just as easy to complete as it is to build. 

Optimize Security

AcquireNinja™ is a beautiful, user-friendly, form building platform that you can manage yourself.

Organize Events Effectively

AcquireNinja™ will help you better manage your event registrations. See all regstration information in one place.

Become Cost Effective

Work smarter with AcquireNinja™ – costing is up front and will help you better manage your campaign budget.

Multiplatform System



The AcquireNinja™ app is available on Android devices.



The AcquireNinja™ app is available on iOS devices.

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Web Link

Use a link to your form on social media or an email to increase your reach! Coming soon.

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